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We can do so much better than wordpress for church websites

I got a call yesterday I’ve received dozens of times before. It was from a pastor who was saying “Help, my church website disappeared. What happened?” Without even digging into his website, I could already tell him what happened with almost total certainty: His Wordpress in…


The big hole in the church software industry (and our plans to fix it)

Church software is not an empty industry. There are dozens of well established companies making all kinds of tools. Just do a google search for Church media or Church management software and you will see pages of entries. Despite this - we think there is a whole in the church …


Our Timeline

We are overwhelmed at the support from our kickstarter backers and want to provide you a clear timeleine of when we expect things to be done: By the middle of December We will have a working version 1 of the planner tool. We will get the t-shirts made and shipped. B…


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