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Look like the big guys(without spending big money).

Most pastors secretly want to have an online sermon library that rivals John Macarthur or Charles Stanley.

The problem is, your website probably wasn’t built with sermons in mind and even if it was, it probably doesn’t have the features they have like:

  • Series and speaker organization
  • Tie in your video feed from youtube, vimeo, livestream, etc. (if you have one.)
  • Sorting by Bible passage and topic
  • Built in podcast feeds
  • Powerful search
  • Manuscript viewer
  • A place for your handout and sermon slides

Simple Church Sermons gives you all of these things without having to remake your current website or pay outlandish hosting fees.

Sermons front-end screenshot
Sermons back-end screenshot

Save time and mental energy managing your sermons.

We are working hard on the perfect interface for managing your church’s sermons.

Your sound guy only has to enter the sermon’s title and details and drag and drop an MP3 file onto a box. It’s super easy to learn and use.

Pricing that won’t drive you insane

Simple Church Sermons is part of the annual subscription to Simple Church Tools. This means for our already low monthly fee, not only do you get amazing tools like our prayer tool and planner tool, but you get hosting for your sermon media as well.

Sermons pricing
YouTube, Vimeo, livestream

Integrate your existing video streaming service.

Simple Church Sermons currently integrates with YouTube, Vimeo and Livestream and we are working on integrating uStream and Facebook Live. If you are recording your sermons on video, the video can now live with your audio and text content on a nicely laid out sortable and searchable page.

We’ve created the simplest way for a church to get an awesome website.

Get one for your church in minutes.

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